Rise in Car Accidents

If you have been reading the Columbus Dispatch, you have heard that many Ohio insurance companies are raising rates. The reason they are raising rates is because of the rising number of claims and the rising cost of these claims. Medical bills and auto body shops are charging a bigger ticket for services.Ohio Rates

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the state troopers have investigated 45,815 crashes this year, compared to 44,836 investigated during the same time period last year. This is not just a one year spike. The Insurance Information Institute says the number of collision claims per 100 cars has been rising since 2013.

Experts expect this is due to improving economy and more drivers driving more miles. Although, most people blame the increase in distracted driving by particularly cell phones.

With rising collision claims, rising insurance rates are in the near future. The best way to combat rising insurance rates is to contact an insurance professional or independent agent to help you shop your insurance. Knowing what discounts are available or coverage is necessary, are details that an independent agent can help you with.


Independent Agents Part 1

Independent agents work for you. Unlike captive agents, we can sell for multiple insurance companies. When companies like Geico raise your rates they don’t have another option for you.

With Griffin-Lantz Insurance Agency you can keep your agent. We will shop our market of carriers and find a better deal for you. That way we can maintain the relationships we have with our clients and continue to do what is best for them.

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Burglary Season

Burglaries are happening frequently all over Columbus, Ohio. They seem to be going straight for the jewelry. If you have valuable jewelry and its not scheduled on your homeowners policy then you need to contact your agent immediately. Insurance companies have limits for jewelry that is not scheduled and it’s typically around a couple thousand dollars. Most homeowners have more jewelry then that.

Also, a huge amount of these burglaries occur when doors have been left unlocked. Remember to lock your doors when you leave; no matter what neighborhood you live in. Often these burglars will call the home phone before entering to see if anyone is home. These burglaries seem to go up in the summer because they can fit in with the door to door salesmen. In conclusion, please schedule your jewelry before someone strikes your house and remember to keep your doors locked.

Snapshot Can Save You Money!

Almost every insurance company penalizes you for getting a ticket or getting in an accident. When do we get rewarded for driving well?

Now we can! Progressive came up with the Snapshot device so that good drivers get rewarded. The best part is that you if you end up being a bad driver your rate still won’t go up. The Snapshot device can only provide you discounts. You can earn up to 30% of your car insurance. So far,  the average savings of everyone that has tried the snapshot is 11%.

Snapshot plugs into a port below your steering wheel. The device measures how often you break hard, mileage, and how often you drive after midnight. If your interested you should contact a Progressive agent in your state. If your in Ohio give Griffin-Lantz Insurance Agency a call at (614)799-1217.


Gap Coverage is a Must for New Car Owners


If you just purchased a new car and you just read this title your probably wondering, What is Gap Coverage?

Most people know that when you buy a new car the value of the car drops substantially as soon as you drive it of the dealers car lot. Most insurance policies only cover your vehicle to the value that it is currently worth or market value. So, when you drive your new car of the lot it’s not insured to what you paid for the car and you most likely have a loan on the vehicle that you are responsible to pay in full. If you get in an accident you will have to pay out of pocket to cover the difference better the purchase price and market value.

What covers the difference between the purchase price and the market value? This is where Gap Coverage comes in to pay the difference. Some loans have Gap Coverage built in. If not, you need to add it to your auto insurance policy. Gap coverage is normally only another $5 to your total premium.

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