3 Ways to Lower your Heart Rate Besides Cardio

We all know that more cardio can permanently help reduces your beats per minute. But there are other things we can do to also keep our heart rate below 70 beats per min.

1. Get Better Sleep

Studies show that not sleeping well raises your heart rate. Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It’s also important that your get deep sleep. Your neighbors dog or a street light shining in your window may interfere. If you need to, use an eye cover or ear plugs to insure a good nights rest.

2. Don’t Hold It!

Believe it or not, going to the bathroom when you have to will keep your heart rate at a lower level. When you hold it for too long your heart will speed up. Do yourself a favor and find a restroom quickly.

3. Pack Your Lunch

Diet can effect your heart rate substantially. Eating healthy foods like salmon, bananas, avocados, and whole grains can help regulate your heart rate. Although, its not going to hurt if you reward yourself with an occasional cheat meal.Heart rate

The goal is to strengthen your heart and change certain habits to put less stress on your heart. Cardio can strengthen the heart so it has to beat fewer times to circulate the blood. Unfortunately, we typically only have one chance to take care of our heart. Make sure you do what you can to stay at your best health.