3 Ways to Lower your Heart Rate Besides Cardio

We all know that more cardio can permanently help reduces your beats per minute. But there are other things we can do to also keep our heart rate below 70 beats per min.

1. Get Better Sleep

Studies show that not sleeping well raises your heart rate. Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It’s also important that your get deep sleep. Your neighbors dog or a street light shining in your window may interfere. If you need to, use an eye cover or ear plugs to insure a good nights rest.

2. Don’t Hold It!

Believe it or not, going to the bathroom when you have to will keep your heart rate at a lower level. When you hold it for too long your heart will speed up. Do yourself a favor and find a restroom quickly.

3. Pack Your Lunch

Diet can effect your heart rate substantially. Eating healthy foods like salmon, bananas, avocados, and whole grains can help regulate your heart rate. Although, its not going to hurt if you reward yourself with an occasional cheat meal.Heart rate

The goal is to strengthen your heart and change certain habits to put less stress on your heart. Cardio can strengthen the heart so it has to beat fewer times to circulate the blood. Unfortunately, we typically only have one chance to take care of our heart. Make sure you do what you can to stay at your best health.



Columbus Crew SC Playoffs


As you may know the playoffs are about to make there way to Columbus for the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. This Sunday on November 8th, the Columbus Crew will be going head to head with Montreal Impact. Below is a video that the Crew tweeted out to there fans about the big night.

It will be exciting to see what the atmosphere will be like at the newly named Mapfre Stadium. For those of you that are season ticket holders, you may be familiar with the playoff atmosphere. What you season ticket holders may not be aware of, is that Mapfre Insurance offers you discounted rates on your insurance. Mapfre already has great rates on auto and home insurance.

If you’re interested in seeing what Mapfre can do for you. You can go to Mapfre agent locator or call us at Griffin-Lantz Insurance in Dublin. We are more than happy to assist any Ohio resident with there insurance needs and find them discounts they may not know about. Most importantly, head over to Mapfre Stadium this Sunday to cheer for your Columbus Crew this Sunday!

Rise in Car Accidents

If you have been reading the Columbus Dispatch, you have heard that many Ohio insurance companies are raising rates. The reason they are raising rates is because of the rising number of claims and the rising cost of these claims. Medical bills and auto body shops are charging a bigger ticket for services.Ohio Rates

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the state troopers have investigated 45,815 crashes this year, compared to 44,836 investigated during the same time period last year. This is not just a one year spike. The Insurance Information Institute says the number of collision claims per 100 cars has been rising since 2013.

Experts expect this is due to improving economy and more drivers driving more miles. Although, most people blame the increase in distracted driving by particularly cell phones.

With rising collision claims, rising insurance rates are in the near future. The best way to combat rising insurance rates is to contact an insurance professional or independent agent to help you shop your insurance. Knowing what discounts are available or coverage is necessary, are details that an independent agent can help you with.

Score Big in Nine Minutes

If you have been on Twitter today you will notice a trending topic by the name of Robert Lewandowski. Robert is a Polish professional soccer player. What is the reason why he is attracting so much attention you may ask?

Robert did something that is almost unheard of till now. He score five goals in nine minutes. This is not a misprint. Five goals in nine minutes. That is a great day for any professional. Robert, I’m sure is on cloud nine. Much like you will be after calling Griffin-Lantz Insurance for an auto and home quote. . .

Alright, you might not feel quite the same but you will have the opportunity to score big as well. At Griffin-Lantz we have 5 agents, 7 companies, and we strive to give you quality service at a competitive price. We enjoy what we do because we enjoy saving people money.

House Explosion

If you live in Columbus, Ohio you are well aware of the house explosion in Upper Arlington recently. For those of you that don’t know the story, the family was away on vacation when a gas leak caused their house to completely explode. The damage was so devastating that it completely leveled the family’s house and many houses surrounding have now been deemed uninhabitable. Many people are wondering if their insurance will cover explosion.

Good news. Explosion is a covered peril included in your common HO3 policy. Insurance should repair the damages caused by an explosion.

After hearing about the concerns of the local community we decidedFullSizeRender (2) to send out a tweet. Griffin-Lantz Insurance is dedicated to not only make sure our clients are insured correctly but also inform our community about insurance. We will be starting a weekly event on twitter called #AskYourAgentThur which will include an insurance question and answer to help inform out followers every Thursday. Please follow us @GriffinLantzIns.

Steps after an Accident

Call the Police. If you are really worried about whether your car is going to get fixed, you need to call the Police. Problems during the claims process are normally started because someone didn’t call the Police.

If the accident occurred in a parking lot or during bad weather, the local Police might not come to the scene of the accident. In that case it is your responsibility to collect as much information as possible. The most important info to collect is the name, phone number, and insurance information(policy number and carrier). After you have collected those you can then collect other information so that the story doesn’t change when the claims process starts.

Most people these days have a camera on their phone. It never hurts to take a picture of the license plate and damages done to both cars. If there was a witness to the accident, that was not in either car, it could be useful to collect their name and phone number as well. If the witness was a passenger in either car they are no longer considered a witness.

Basic information like time, location, and how the accident occurred will also be necessary to file an auto claim. If anyone is hurt, do not hesitate to tell the police officer or call for help. If you have an independent agent, call your agent and they will be more that happy to assist you during this stressful situation. If everything is done correctly the claims process should go smoothly.


Which HAND are YOU driving with?


Distracted driving is on the rise. Mostly because there are so many more things we are tempted to do while driving. Smart phones have made us accessible at all times. If you have a family or job you feel like you need to be available at all times, including while you drive.

Youthful drivers are not the only drivers texting while driving. Many experienced drivers are driving distracted as well and they are equally at risk. It is also important that you set an example for your youthful drivers. If they see you driving distracted then they will feel more confident about doing it themselves.

Unintentional road accidents are the leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 to 24 in the United States. Almost all of these are caused by distracted drivers. Please have a talk with your young drivers about distracted driving. Make sure they understand the dangers before someone close to them or they are severally injured in an auto accident.

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