Which HAND are YOU driving with?


Distracted driving is on the rise. Mostly because there are so many more things we are tempted to do while driving. Smart phones have made us accessible at all times. If you have a family or job you feel like you need to be available at all times, including while you drive.

Youthful drivers are not the only drivers texting while driving. Many experienced drivers are driving distracted as well and they are equally at risk. It is also important that you set an example for your youthful drivers. If they see you driving distracted then they will feel more confident about doing it themselves.

Unintentional road accidents are the leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 to 24 in the United States. Almost all of these are caused by distracted drivers. Please have a talk with your young drivers about distracted driving. Make sure they understand the dangers before someone close to them or they are severally injured in an auto accident.

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