Lost Jewelry

How many times have you taken off you wedding ring and totally forgot where you placed it? Sometimes we are lucky and the ring comes up somewhere. Other times it falls down the drain or is sucked up in the vacuum  Wedding rings are so expensive and have a lot of meaning behind them. It can be very devastating to lose your wedding ring.

My advice for every married couple would to be, have your wedding ring scheduled on your home or renters insurance police. The average amount spent on a wedding ring in the united states is $5,598 according to TheKnot reported on USA Today. Most homeowners policies have no coverage for lost rings and a limit of $3,000 or below for theft of jewelry.

Scheduling jewelry gives you a sense of relief when you can’t find your ring. By scheduling your ring you add mysteries disappearance. Then if you lose your ring, you will be reimbursed the appraisal or receipt value of the piece of jewelry with no deductible.

Rings and other valuable jewelry are tookeyboard with ring costly not to schedule. Next time you talk to your independent agent about renters insurance or home owners insurance, please inform them of your jewelry. Scheduling a $5,000 ring will cost close to $50 a year. It is very much worth the coverage and security. Please feel free to message me any questions about home or renters insurance.


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