After the Fire

The winter months are a common time for house fire due to Christmas lights, candles, fireplaces, and cooking accidents.  Everyone has been told what to do when a fire starts in your home, but what do you do after the fire is put out?

House Fire
Whats next after the fire?

Fire is a not the only thing that damages your home during a fire. After your house catches fire it will be exposed to the outdoor elements and the water pumped in to put the fire out. Within minutes, plastics and marble surfaces begin to permanently stain. Within hours, metals will tarnish, grout will stain, fiberglass and your furniture will begin to yellow. After several days if not treated right, you may lose fabrics, wood furniture and floors will stain. This is why when a fire kindles in your home it is very important what you do when the fire is put out.

First, you have an obligation to contact your insurance company. If you are insured with an independent agent like us at Griffin-Lantz Insurance, we will be able to refer you to a trusted company that will help restore and rescue your belongings. We are in constant contact with local trusted companies that can help you when time is the issue. Do not walk back into your house after the fire has been extinguished. The structure may be damage and may be at risk to collapse or fall through. Also, particles of incomplete combustion (PIC’s) remain in the air and on the surface after the fire is out. These PIC’s are carcinogens and are easily inhaled. These can be particularly damaging to those with respiratory concern.

Most importantly, we as your independent agent want to make sure you and your family are safe and have somewhere to stay. Your insurance policy should have a loss of use coverage that will put you in a comfortably living situation similar to your current home.


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