#Flobron is Trending

LeBron is back in Cleveland. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably have known this for a while. The city of Cleveland is erupting in support for the return of their king. Flo and LeBron have recently teamed up to make a few commercials for Progressive Insurance. #Flobron

LeBron is sporting the classic Flow attire that she wears in her commercials for Progressive. When you see LeBron in a Progressive apron and Flo wig, it does make you chuckle a little. Flo’s Instagram has started a series of post that show Flo giving LeBron advice on the basketball court. The advice varies from how to through the pregame chalk in the air to what kind of shorts to wear when playing basketball.

The #Flobron is currently trending on twitter and I would recommend all of you to view some of Flo’s post. If they don’t persuade you to get a quote from Progressive, then they will at least get you to smile. If you do want a quote from Progressive, give Griffin-Lantz Insurance a call. Griffin-Lantz Insurance will be able to get you a quote for all lines of business. Progress has a market for Auto, Home, Motorcycle, Motor Home, Boat, Commercial, and other recreational vehicles.


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