6 Things You Must Have for a Flood

Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States. Flash floods can happen anywhere. It’s very important that you have some knowledge of what to do if a flood hits your home.

The following tips are all safety measure that you should incorporate in your home. If a flood strikes your home, turn off your electric and head to your highest floor in your home. Remember, if you are unable to turn off you electric the water may be live. Do not walk through flooded water because it may be contaminated or live from down wires.

Second, remember to store a radio with batteries on your upper level floors so you are able to hear about safety measures in your area.

Since you may be contained to your upper levels due to contaminated water, remember to store food and drinking water. There should be at least enough to feed you and your family for three days.

Dry clothing and warm blankets will come in handy. When you head upstairs grab plenty of warm clothing.

The fifth item I would recommend having stored with the radio is a flashlight with back up batteries. Most likely you will not have power and a light will be useful for signaling for help.

Also, most homeowner’s insurance policies do NOT have flood coverage. In the state of Ohio you are only required to purchase flood insurance if you are in a charted flood zone. This does not mean that you are free from the risk of flood. Call your independent agent to discuss if you have coverage for flood and if you should purchase it.


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