Mr & Mrs 1(800)

The number one most important thing about insurance is that the company or agent that you have is there when you have a loss. How do you know how a company is going to act at a time of loss if you haven’t had one yet?

This is what you should be looking for when you buy insurance. Don’t just chose a company because they are the lowest or have the funniest commercial.

If you buy a policy online or from a 1(800) number remember that you have to file a claim that same way when you have a loss. Chances are you will speak to someone totally different. You won’t know them and they won’t know you. Why not buy insurance from a local independent agent?

This agent is not only the person you buy from but the person that you call when you have a loss. They have more of responsibility to you because they speak to you every year and they see you around town. An independent agent has your best interest when a loss occurs.

Don’t buy from companies like Gieco, SafeAuto, The General, Esurance. Call local agencies like Griffin-Lantz Insurance Agency that have an interest in you and the community.


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