Another Benefit of Being Married

We all have seen Wedding Singer. A lot of couples like Robbie and Julia worry about getting married because they aren’t financially ready. Robbie was unsure if he could provide Julia the things he thought she deserved with his wedding singer salary. If you have met your true love and don’t think your good enough, wait a second before you give up.

Marriage provides multiple big discounts to your auto and home insurance policies. When you combine your vehicles onto one policy you will receive a multi-policy discount. This is a substantial discount. Also, according to studies married drivers are better drivers. Insurance companies have recognized that married drivers drive better drivers than single drivers and will reward you with a large discount when you are married. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

If you have any questions about other discounts and you live in Ohio please give us a call. Follow us on Pinterest if your interested in other insurance tips and pinning.


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